Ties for clubs and companies can come in a bewildering range of colours and styles, but we have concentrated here on the most popular design styles, fabrics, and weave patterns:

The 4 most popular styles are as follows:

The 3 woven fabrics we use are:

  1. POLYESTER; ideal if making ties to meet a budget, minimum order quantity 100.
  2. POLY/SILK; this combination gives all the look and feel of silk, but a small element of polyester gives the tie some extra body and 'toughness'. Minimum order quantity 50.
  3. PURE SILK; the ultimate fabric, always hangs well and looks great. Minimum order quantity 50.

There are 4 types of background weave:

  1. SATIN; this is a smooth 'flat' weave with a silky touch.
  2. REPP; this has a 'furroughed field' type effect running at 45° to the tie.
  3. VERTICAL TWILL; this has a 'furroughed field' effect running vertically down the tie.
  4. HORIZONTAL TWILL; this has a 'furroughed field' effect running horizontally across the tie.
Before ties can be woven, a special weaving jacquard must be made. This is a one-off cost, and is only charged on the first batch of ties you order of one design.

Origination costs are £55 for a single colour logo or stripe, and £75 for a multicolour logo or stripe, or fashion design.


Single colour logo or stripe.

£5.15 £4.75 £4.15 £3.70 £3.45
£8.75 £8.00 £7.25 £6.50 £6.00
£10.15 £9.25 £8.95 £8.15 £7.95

Multicolour logo, all-over repeat, or fashion stripes.

£5.95 £5.25 £4.95 £4.50 £4.15
£9.00 £8.75 £8.25 £7.00 £6.50
£10.95 £10.25 £9.75 £9.00 £8.75

As mentioned earlier, the above options are the most common. However, if there is something else you would like that is not covered by the above information, please contact us.

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